About Sports Life Training Center


We build athletes. Whether you are a young child or an older adult, our strategy is to lay the proper foundation and groundwork that will ultimately improve your fitness ability and overall athleticism. We focus on coordination and balance as well as our SPEAR philosophy, which has a goal of improving your overall speed, power, explosiveness, agility, and strength.


We offer group and private fitness instruction for all ages, as well as sports specific training. Adult classes include SPEAR training as well as Bootcamp style classes.

Our Junior Warrior and Warrior classes are small group classes, designed to condition the young athlete to improve their overall sports athleticism by focusing on things like foot work, core training, range of motion and injury prevention. Combined with our SPEAR philosophy, the goal is to condition and prepare the athlete for whatever sport they choose to focus on.

Our sports specific, one on one and small group instruction are offered at all age levels including elementary and grade school ages all the way thru high school and college athletes.

Sports Teams

We are trusted by many athletic teams, in a variety of sports disciplines, to provide whole team strength, speed, and conditioning training as well as one on one sports specific instruction.

Being conveniently located near mid-way between Clearwater and St. Pete, our sports facility is the perfect location for schools and sports teams looking for a place to train and condition their athletes.

Book Through Our App

Sports Life Training is fully integrated with the MindBody app for all class booking and payment. In order to book a class, you will be prompted to log in to your MindBody account or create an account if you are a first-time user.