4 on 4 youth passing league

Registration is open for the 2019 SPRING Sports Life Training 4-ON-4 Football season. The 4-on-4 Youth Football Passing League is a passing and receiving program designed for the positions of quarterback, running back, receiver, tight-end, defensive end, linebacker, and defensive backs. There are no lineman, blocking, or tackling. The league will emphasize the passing game versus a variety of man and zone pass coverage. The Spring Sports Life Training 4-ON-4 Football League season runs from April through May, with games taking place on Sundays at:

10810 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764


$50 – Registration Fee (Members $40)

Team fee, if registering as a team: $250


  • APRIL 7 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 14 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 21 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 28 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 5 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 12 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 19 (Playoff and Championships)


Developmental PPK-K (30 min practice and 30 min scrimmage- run by SLTC Coaches)

  1. 1st and 2nd grade
  2. 3rd and 4th grade
  3. 5th thru 8th grade
  4. High School

Why 4-on-4 Football?

The past several years have seen a rapid growth in flag and touch football leagues across the United States, led by the NFL Air-it-Out for adults, NFL Flag for youngsters and others. At the high school level, where nearly 1 million students play contact football, flag and touch have generally become an approved and encouraged activity in the off-season. Organized by school and experienced coaches, the mission is to provide the structure for young players to experience the game of football without the contact, whereby they can develop their skills in a fun, organized and competitive way. The 4-on-4 concept is a variation of the 7-on-7 series and is all passing, played on a 40-yard field plus end zone. Passing is the featured offense of many teams in college and it has translated to the pro game more and more each season. The skill set of passing and catching is becoming increasingly valuable. Likewise, on the other side of the ball, learning the concept of defending the pass is an invaluable asset. Participating in leagues like the 4-on-4 League offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills.

Game Duration

All games will be 20 minutes in length, two halves of 10 minutes each with a running clock. Two minute halftime. There will be a 30-second play clock in effect. In case of injury the clock will stop at the discretion of the Referee; if that occurs the player must leave for at least one play.

Playing Field

The playing field will be 40 yards in length, 41-feet wide, plus a 5 yard end zone.

Possession of the Ball

All possessions start at the 5 yard line. No matter where the defense stops the offense, they take over at the 5 yard line.

Playing Roster

Each team will have 4 players on the field at all times. In all divisions, there will be no center, but rather one quarterback and three receivers. Each team can have a maximum of 2 subs (6 player roster).

Play Begins

A play that begins when the quarterback takes the ball off of the tee. The game cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.

Play Ends

When a flag is pulled, ball hits the ground, at the time of a touchdown, interception, or timer runs out before quarterback releases.

30-second Play Clock

The offense has 30 seconds to get the play off once the referee has blown his whistle starting a new down. Failure to get the ball snapped in time will result in a loss of down. Offense is responsible for retrieving the ball and placing it on the line of scrimmage. The offense has seven (7) seconds to retrieve an errant ball. After the seven seconds has expired, the thirty (30) second play clock will begin.


Regular substitution rules apply.

No Running Plays

There are no running plays, including by the quarterback. Everyone is eligible to receive passes.

Passing Time Limit and Regulation

For Divisions 2-4, The Quarterback has 4 seconds to release the ball or it is blown dead, returning to the line of scrimmage for the next down. Division 1 has 6 seconds to release the ball. There is no rushing the Quarterback or crossing the line of scrimmage, until after a pass is thrown, except on the Blitzing rule.


Each team is allowed ONE defensive blitz per game. The blitzing player must be at least 5 yards off the line of scrimmage before rushing in. The blitzing player does not have to identify himself prior to blitzing. The quarterback does not become a running player when blitzed. The quarterback must throw the ball before being sacked by the blitzing player or before the clock expires. A blitzing player cannot be blocked. A blitzing player must pull the flag while the quarterback possesses the ball. The quarterback can scramble to avoid the sack by the blitzing player, but cannot go past the line of scrimmage. If the quarterback passes the line of scrimmage while scrambling, it is an automatic sack.

Lateral Passing

Lateral passing is allowed once during a play and ONLY after a forward pass past the line of scrimmage has occurred. Lateral passing behind the line of scrimmage will result in a sack and the ball will be spotted where the ball was received. Lateral passing is allowed only once per half.

First Downs

First downs are made by crossing the 25 yard line. 3 downs to cross the 25 yard line and 3 more downs to score.


Touchdown scores 6 points
After the touchdown:

  • 1 extra point awarded by passing a touchdown from the 5 yard line
  • 2 extra points by passing a touchdown from the 10 yard line

Interception scores 3 points.
Interception results in dead ball and ball placed at the 5yd line for a new possession.
No fumbles, the ball is dead if it touches the ground.


This is a non-contact game and any flagrant contact is cause for immediate ejection. As always, any unsportsmanlike conduct is also cause for ejection. The referee’s decision is final on all plays, there will be no tolerance for arguing, and only a coach may ask for a rule clarification. Coaches control dissension and profanity. Coaches are expected to curtail dissension and profanity on their team. If a player curses, he will be given a warning. The next violation will result in the player being sent to the sideline for substitution. Objection to a refereeā€™s call will result in a warning and then substitution.

Offensive Penalties

Blocking or Holding: 5 yards from line of scrimmage, loss of down, ejection for contact violation.
Illegal Motion: 5 yards
Offensive Pass Interference: 5 yards from line of scrimmage and loss of down
Delay of Game: clock stops, 5 yards from line of scrimmage and loss of down

Defensive Penalties

Tackling or Holding: 5 yards from line of scrimmage, loss of down, ejection for contact violation.
Offsides: 5 yards from line of scrimmage, loss of down
Pass Interference: 5 yards from line of scrimmage, loss of down
Illegal Rushing: 5yards from line of scrimmage, loss of down
Delay of Game: Clock stops, 5 yards from line of scrimmage


A tiebreaker will occur, with a flip of a coin to determine possession. After a 1-minute break, the teams will each have 3 plays to score from the 20-yard line. If both teams tie in first overtime, then a second overtime period will commence with the ball being placed on the endline with one play to see who gains the most yardage. The team with the most yardage will determine the winner of that game.


If both teams begin to exhibit overly aggressive behavior, the head referee or appointed field manager will have the power to call a PENALTY BOX INFRACTION. This means that both teams will be asked to adjourn to their opposing sidelines. The head coach, team captain referees and Appointed Field Manager will meet at the center of the field to discuss the overly aggressive behavior. All this will take place WHILE the clock is running. There will be a maximum of 5 minutes allowed during this phase, if teams cannot resolve their differences to resume playing with sportsmanship, the game will be stopped and BOTH teams will forfeit. If a second PENALTY BOX INFRACTION is called, a minimum of 2 minutes will be imposed no matter if the situation is remedied in less time. A third infraction will result in a forfeit for both teams. PLAY WITH INTEGRITY!