3 on 3 basketball league

2019 Spring Sports Life Training 3-on-3 basketball season registration is open. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will feature 3-on-3 basketball for the first time and it is FIBA’s plan to make the sport an international sensation, giving players of all sizes an opportunity to excel in the game they love. The Spring Sports Life Training 3-on-3 Basketball season runs from April through May, with games taking place on Fridays (high school) and Saturdays (youth) at:

10810 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764

The Youth League is for both boys and girls from grades Kindergarten to 8th grade. The High School League is for students between 9th and 12th grades (with exceptions). Sports Life Training Basketball is for players of all skill levels and promotes a competitive and confidence building experience.


$50 – Registration Fee (Members $40)

Team fee, if registering as a team: $250
TENTATIVE GAME SCHEDULE (Min 10 games for season including playoffs, championship, consolation)


  • APRIL 6 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 13 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 20 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 27 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 4 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 11 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 18 (Playoff and Championships)


Developmental PPK-K (30 min practice and 30 min scrimmage- run by SLTC Coaches)

  1. 1st and 2nd grade
  2. 3rd and 4th grade
  3. 5th thru 8th grade
  4. High School


  • APRIL 5 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 12 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 19 – 1-2 Games per team
  • APRIL 26 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 3 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 10 – 1-2 Games per team
  • MAY 17 (Playoff and Championships)


  • Player receives a Sports Life game uniform
  • Head Coach of player in league receives 25 percent discount and receives a Sports Life t-shirt
  • 16 game season including playoffs or consolation games
  • 3 v 3 format for developing dribbling, passing, shooting and defending
  • Man to Man defense only!
  • Maximum of 6 player rosters (3 players, 3 substitutes) so everyone plays a large percentage of the time!
  • Practices are voluntary and organized by the Coach. (Gym at Sports Life is available for rental.)
  • ALL coaches are volunteer parents and NOT provided by Sports Life Training.
  • Medals are awarded to the Champions of the grade/age division.
  • Games played during the week or weekends.
  • Food at the games when possible
  • Access to our Sports Life Training Center staff for training consultation.


NO Tryouts. NO Drafts. Teams are formed by participants requesting “friends” and “coaches” to play for during the season. All request must be given on the registration form. We will work to meet your special request, but we do not guarantee that any or all of your requests will be met. REFUNDS will not be given if Sports Life Training is unable to meet your special request. Single players will be placed on teams based on some form of familiarity through same school, sport organization, neighborhood, etc.


All refund requests must be submitted to the league commissioner prior to the 2nd game of the season. A refund will be issued less $25 for a processing fee. NO refund requests after the 2nd game of the season!


Players must wear shorts with NO pockets!


  • All coaches are volunteers and are not provided by Sports Life Training League.
  • All Coaches and Volunteers must provide the Commissioner of your league with driver’s license information.
  • Safety is our main concern and goal for our players and we want to make sure we have proper and safe coaches.


  • The regular playing time shall be as follows: Two 10 minute running clock periods with a 2 min half time break.
  • The first team to score 21 points or more wins the game if it happens before the end of regular playing time. This rule applies to regular playing time only (not in a potential overtime).
  • If the score is tied at the end of playing time, an extra period of time will be played. There shall be a break of 1 minute before the overtime starts. The first team to score 2 points in the overtime wins the game.
  • A team shall lose the game by forfeit if at the scheduled starting time the team is not present on the playing court with at least 2 players ready to play. In case of a forfeit, the game score is marked with w-0 or 0-w (“w” standing for win).
  • Each made basket within the arc is worth 1 point, traditional three-pointers are worth two and free throws are worth 1 point. All free throws are uncontested.
  • Each offensive possession must start with ONE pass before there is an attempted shot.
  • Free throws are uncontested just like a technical free throw shot.
  • Each player will play a MINIMUM of 5 minutes each.
  • Each Coach will select the 3 players to start and will initiate substitution.
  • Roster size per team is 6 players MAX.
  • Only ONE certified Coach is allowed on the bench.
  • ONE timeout per game.
  • 20 second shot clock to prevent any stalling tactics by the Offense, clock starts on Check Ball when the ball is in the offensive player hands or ball is cleared. Clock is kept by official.
  • Defense must play man to man; NO ZONE DEFENSE


  • Initial Ball Possession is determined by “Hit or Miss Free Throw Shot” and a player from the HOME team will take the shot. Possession will alternate each quarter determined on who gets the ball to start the game after the outcome of “Hit or Miss Shot”
  • Clearing the Ball on defensive rebounds must occur at the designated line which is determined by the Official. The ball or player foot must touch the designated line to start the offensive possession. The defense must clear the ball ALWAYS to change to an offensive possession. The team has 10 seconds to clear the ball.
  • Defense can be played at all times. If a defensive player gains possession of the ball through a rebound, steal, or loose ball and is attempting to clear the ball, the offensive team can steal the ball back. If the Offensive team steals or gains possession of the ball before the ball has been cleared the Offensive team is NOT REQUIRED TO CLEAR THE BALL and can immediately attempt to score.
  • If a defensive player gains possession of the ball and shoots and scores prior to a complete possession change, no point will be awarded. This will be considered a turnover by the defense and the ball will be awarded to the offense to be checked at the top of the key.
  • Check Ball occurs after a made basket or turnover.
    • After a made basket the Offense must check the ball at the designated line and start their offense with ONE pass before attempting a shot.
    • The player checking the ball may dribble to improve passing angles but cannot cross the designated check line, if the player crosses the check line this will be considered a turnover.
    • The defender guarding the player checking the ball cannot cross the check line, however the other players both offense and defense may come back over the check line.
    • If the offense loses the ball out of bounds or the ball goes past mid court, the defense is awarded the ball and must check the ball to start their offense.
    • If a ball is knocked out of bounds by the defense, the offense still maintains possession and must check the ball to start their offense.
  • Substitution Rules
    • At least 1 sub every 5 mins


  • Man to Man defense will be used at all times. Help defense is allowed on offensive player driving to the basket.
  • Zone defense will be defined as a player guarding a spot or area on the court instead of a man.
  • Trapping or Double Team is not allowed in K-4th Grade Division. Trapping or Double Team is allowed in 5th-8th Grade Division in the last 2 minutes of the game.
  • Chasing a player that is not your player and creating a Double Team or Trap is not allowed.
  • Penalty for Illegal Defense is to award the offense a check ball. If Illegal Defense is called more than one time per half then the offense is awarded a Free Throw and Ball.


  • No Individual Fouls
  • Team Fouls only and by Half only:
    • Team Foul 1-6 = Check Ball
    • Team Foul 7-9 = ONE Free Throw
    • Team Foul 10+ = Two points awarded PLUS the ball
  • Foul occurs in the act of shooting
    • BASKET MADE: Count Basket and Free Throw is awarded (Free Throw counts as ONE Point)
    • BASKET MISSED: Free Throw is awarded
    • Defense will receive the ball on all Free Throws unless its the 10th Team Foul or more

Intentional Fouls

  • Player that is fouled gets a Free Throw and Offense keeps the Ball
  • Flagrant Fouls – can be called by Referee or League Operator
    • A Flagrant foul can involve abusive language, violent contact on or off the ball, and parent interference with the flow of the game
    • 1st Flagrant foul results in 2 points awarded to the other team and ball
    • 2nd Flagrant foul results in Forfeiture of the Game and Win to the other team
  • Abusive Language or Conduct Detrimental to the League
    • Any language deemed abusive by the Referee or League Operator will result in:
    • 1st Offense is a warning with 2 points awarded to the other team and ball
    • 2nd Offense is immediate ejection of the Coach, Player or Parent
    • The Referee or League Operator has the right to call the game and award the Win to the other team if action deems necessary for the safety of the parents and kids.


  • There will be NO Overtime in the Regular Season just in the Playoffs
  • Overtime will be a Sudden Death Free Throw Contest with each team selecting 3 Free Throw Shooters:
    • Alternate shots by the teams until there is a Winner.
      • Coin flip to determine which team will go 1st
      • Game Over if Team A makes free throw and Team B misses free throw
      • Game continues to Round 2 if Team A and Team B makes free throw
      • This procedure continues until there is a Winner.


  • Player has 10 seconds to shoot a Free Throw
  • Both teams will be on the side of the Scorer table
  • Stationary picks are allowed
    • If referee calls a moving pick this is a Team Foul and Check Ball to the Defense
  • Jump Ball is awarded to the Defense and Check Ball
  • There will be a Lane Violation:
    • 5 seconds for K – 4th Grade
    • 3 seconds for 5th – 8th Grade
  • Ball is out of bounds if the ball touches the back of the Backboard or any anchor supports such as wires, metal, or iron holding the backboard up.